Photo a Day Challenge

Sky Dive Phoenix Tandem Jump – January 6, 2013


***** UPDATE***** Most of the images from the Sky Dive Phoenix shoot have now been uploaded and can be seen HERE!

One of a couple of hundred pictures I was able to capture yesterday out at Sky Dive Phoenix, of the Wounded Warriors sky diving in tandem. The instructor is coming in for a landing, turning, and going right past the moon. This was the first image I came to that really “popped” when I ran them thru Lightroom. I’ll have a gallery on my website within the next couple of days with all of the days pictures. Canon 30D, 100-400 F4 L lens at 100mm, F8, 1/400 sec, ISO-100. I removed a couple of “dust” spots from the sky, and bumped up the contrast and saturation a little. The RAW image was really good. The day started out at 32 degrees, or so, and when I left around 1:30pm, it was 60+ degrees, a very nice day. The guys jump 7 days a week out at Sky Dive Phoenix, and I look forward to shooting out there again soon. I would like to try photographing the sky divers from the jump plane…….. I’m just saying…..

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