Photo a Day Challenge

Roof Topping Off Party – February 28th 2014

GoDaddy 19

Its nice to be invited back onto the jobsite again. This is the “Roof Topping Off” event. I was able to walk around the jobsite and take pictures. Things are really moving along now.

GoDaddy 20

Lots of construction workers on the job. As always SAFETY is always a big factor, as I put on a bright orange vest and hard hat.

GoDaddy 21

Yes! I added the Go Daddy sticker in post. You can see the steel through the windows. Part of the design of the building must be to have the square knock outs above the windows, or thats where the steel awnings will be attached.

GoDaddy 22

I was being artistic, call it photograpic license.

GoDaddy 23

This view is through the other side, right by where the cafe will be. I’ve now seen the artists renderings of the inside of the building…. I’m sworn to secrecy. It will dazzel and amaze you. I can’t wait to try out the great big ______! And to also try out the ______ _____!

GoDaddy 24

This is the main entrance.

GoDaddy 25

As normal, all images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 L lens, the Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted for flash fill, and most of the inside photographs. I took approx 250 pictures on Friday. I’ll post more over the next couple of days. All images can be seen here.

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