Photo a Day Challenge

Old House – October 1, 2013

Old House 1 Old House 2

I’ve shot this house before. The fields around the house now have corn, or maise growing. In the bottom picture there is a metal sign that says “KEEP OUT LIVE WIRES”, I’m not quites sure what that means, so I went in, and took some pictures. I went by BJ’s house after work for approx 2 hours, or so. He was asleep the entire time. His aunt is in from Oklahoma, and used to be a nurse, rumor is that she looks like BJ’s mom. I never got to meet BJ’s mother. She seems nice. I met Mark, another neighbor, and we swapped stories about BJ. I let him know when I arrived, and when I left. Jerita and Jeff were on their way to see him, I just missed them. I feel like the time is getting near. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help encourage my friend fight, and to hang on a little longer…… I dont know how much longer he can hang on…….

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