Photo a Day Challenge

Black and White Tunnel – January 1, 2013


Today I start a journey. I’m going to post a different photograph each and every day in 2013.

Why this photograph? Well for this project I had to start somewhere. If you ask my beautiful wife, she will tell you I took hundreds of photos of these pipes. I love the composition, the feel of something about to happen. This picture was taken early 2004, with my Olympus C750UZ. A 4.0 megapixel beast. It sported a 10x optical zoom, complete manual mode, a macro zoom, and much more. I fell in love with the feature, where you pressed the shutter 1/2 way down to focus, then continued to “instantly” take the picture with NO annoying lag time.

My current cameras include a Canon 5D Mark II, and a Canon 30D. I’ll go into the rest of my gear at a later date. This is a project I’ve been thinking about and planning for several months. You’ll see some of my current work, along with some oldies. I hope for this to become a journey we can all learn and grow from. I’ll be introducing some friends, and family along the way. This journey is as much theirs, as it is mine, and yours. So the Black & White Tunnel is as good as a choice as any, and the place I choose to start the journey. I hope you enjoy the trip!    JLP

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