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GoDaddy’s New Tempe Call Center – April 25, 2014

GoDaddy 20

GoDaddy 21

GoDaddy 22

GoDaddy 28

Went by the job site yesterday. There must have been 75-100 different workers. Above shots from outside, ground work continuing,  both water lines/fire hydrant lines, and drainage. Paint going on a few of the exterior panels, and the inside of the roof area is all painted.

GoDaddy 32 GoDaddy 31 GoDaddy 33

Steel framing inside and out continues. I cant believe how much work got done in the last week.

GoDaddy 29

GoDaddy 26

GoDaddy 24

The interior changes are really accelerating. The fire proofing material is 80-90% done. The windows are 65-75% done. I imagine that by next week, that the windows and doors will all be in place.

GoDaddy 25

GoDaddy 23

Elevators are in. This area is still off limits, but I imagine the areas around the elevators themselves will be buttoned up fairly quickly. Floor polishing is still going on in the walkways.

GoDaddy 27

OK, you’ve seen a similar shot before. I really like the reflections, and patterns they make. Over 1500 images shot so far, and all can be seen here. As always all shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens, with the Canon Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted for flash fill on some of the interior shots.

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