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Emties? – September 27, 2013

Glass Bottles 4 Glass Bottles 3 Glass Bottles 2 Glass Bottles 1

Driving home from BJ’s house, how many times have I said that on my blog? I went out to Estrella Parkway, and headed south…. there is a dog park along the main road just befor you cross the river, and this sculpture is on the premises. Its pretty neat with the sun overhead. Lots of colored shadows on the ground. So an update on BJ, he has been very alert the last couple of times I stopped by to see him. Lots of old friends and neighbors are starting to visit him, and it seems to really tire him out. He has a hospital bed in the living room. On Wed, or Thur, he asked me to help him go sit there….. what he wanted was to move from the hospital bed, to his bed in his room, where he fell asleep in seconds. He gets tired easly. He is not eating, or not eating much. He is drinking a few sips of tea, or water. The hospice nurses come in every other day, or so…… I hate to see him like this. I will miss spending time with my friend. Every one of his neighbors and friends say he is good people. I’ve known Billy, as a friend for 5-6 years, and as an acquaintance for 6-8 years, and I agree he is good people.


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