Photo a Day Challenge

Double Vision – April 26, 2013


“I was feeling down and dirty, feeling kindof mean, I’ld been from one to another extreme.” I went through high school with a best friend. Mark. Now his litter sister is my best friend, and my beautiful wife. Mark and I went to see a few concerts in high school, and a few since then. Marks beautiful wife Darlene gets him concert tickets every year or two to go see some of the bands we used to listen to growing up, and  still listen to. I sometimes benefit from the tickets, and tonight was no exception. Foreigner. Mick Jones is the only original member of the band currently touring with Foreigner. The other members have been together for 6 years. No new music, but that was all right. The songs are as fresh and alive, and sound every bit as good as when we saw them in 1978.  Thanks Mark, and thanks Darlene. I had a blast. Shot with a camera phone.

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