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DIY Project pictures – February 5, 2013


H A P P Y  75th  B I R T H D A Y  Rosalie Messner!!!!! Who by the way is recovering at home nicely.

OK. You got me. This is a continuation of yesterdays post. Seven additional pictures to solidify yesterdays post. I figure roughly 250-300 hours of time went into this “little” project. DIY = Do It Yourself. In this case, I had the idea, the know how, the funds, and Tom’s tools. This project was started shortly after Christmas, 2009. Everything was completed by the end of March 2010, except the “bridge” over the window, and the “bookshelves” or “crown” in the corner, above my workstation. I was at a loss for a good way to tie the corner together. The tools, and materials were at arms length, I needed a catalyst to get the project finished. Enter my beautiful wife Sheri Lynn. She wanted the den finished by her mom’s 75th birthday party, (this Saturday). She works from home  and wanted the project finished, and for me to remove the remaining pieces of blue masking tape. Also with over 85 confirmed guests coming to Rosalie’s party.


Sheri Lynn’s desk in the garage between coats of stain, or varnish. The trim pieces are on the floor in front of her desk.


Same as first shot above, but with the 2 main components in place, and the desk tops attached. The tape on the walls tells me where the studs are. I finally was able to remove the remaining pieces of tape yesterday once the final pieces of trim were in place.


This is the cabinet between my desk, and Sheri Lynn’s. My old oak desk is holding pieces of oak trim. To the right is the largest, and heaviest single piece to be hoisted onto the wall.


Same cabinet attached to the wall, the cupboard doors have not been installed.  The cabinet to the right is the tallest going all the way down to the desk. You can see there is nothing between the 2 cabinets over the picture window. Sheri Lynn worked from home everyday of the remodel, some days working out of our living room, with cords running all over the place.


This beast weighed in at one million pounds! At least that’s what it felt like hoisting it on to the wall. That’s where those blue pieces of masking tape came in handy, I had the 3″ long drywall/deck screws already started at the right locations to hit the studs. You can see the pre-cut trim pieces awaiting their turn at the router.


This baby was the most difficult to install because of the overall size and weight. Glen Simmons, my neighbor was kind enough to lend a hand with the heavy lifting.


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