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BJ Starr – September 21, 2013

BJStarr 2 BJ as an unwilling model. I bought a used projector and we rigged a screen, (white sheet) and projected a photo onto the screen, which is the background for this image. Shot 5/08/2009, in the “white house” studio.

BJStarr 3

Base of South Mountain, 1/4 mile behind BJ’s house. BJ’s new tripod. Shot on my birthday 10/24/2009.

I’ve talked about my friend and photographer buddy BJ Starr in a several posts this year. I alluded to BJ early on when I started this blog by saying I was dedicating my blog to my pastor and a very good friend who are both dealing with severe illnesses. BJ is fighting a losing battle with cancer. There I said it. I hate what cancer has done to my friend, and everyone else whose lives it effects every single day. I spent a couple of hours with him last night after work. A couple of his neighbors and friends were with him as well. Dave and Rita and Mike. I like their stories. I like BJ’s stories. Over the last couple of years as he’s been battling with cancer we’ve shared lots of conversations, and stories. I treasure them all. When I could’nt stop by after work, I’ld call and talk during my 30-45 minute drive home. He had hearing issues for a couple of months, which were very frustrating for everyone, but that passed. He is most always coherent, and a real pleasure to be around. Photography, cars, woman, airplanes, we talk about  everything, and have lots of things in common. He is a pilot, and flight instructor for fixed wing, (airplane), and helicoptor. He flew helicopter for the City of Phoenix police department for years. I hate losing a friend to cancer. He is not eating and has lost 60-80 pounds from when the above pictures were taken. I pray for a miracle, but I feel thats the only he will survive this. God may need him more than his family and friends.

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  1. The Kolb family

    My husband worked with BJ for years while working for Phoenix P.D. BJ came to our home to work on making cow pens and we all went on hunting trips. We lost touch and only recently learned of his illness. They had not diagnosed anything the last time we were together. BJ was a great photographer among many other talents. We were told this morning of his passing. God bless BJ. RIP. Thanks for the memories!
    Mike and Melissa Kolb

    October 5, 2013 at 4:10 PM

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