Photo a Day Challenge

Tribute to Max


I’ll post more pictures of Max later……. He was shot and killed in my front yard this morning….. My daughter discovered him lying in a pool of blood and rushed him to the animal hospital. 12 hours later he was gone. I know he was a cat….. but actually he was a rescue, and a part of my family. The police are investigating, and have an idea who did it. Maricopa County has harsh animal cruelty laws that include fines and jail time. Its a felony, not a misdemeanor¬†.

Max Max on a shelf


This is Lucy, Max’s mother. She too is a rescue. She was a feral cat, and we trapped her and had her fixed. They clip one ear, so if you see the cat, you will know its been fixed. ¬†She had 1 liter of kittens in our backyard. My daughter took weeks to befriend her, and to tame her. Max and Lucy played together every single day. Its been 6 days since Max was killed, and she looks for him, and cry’s for him. Its all very sad.




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