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The Messners – January 26, 2013

The Messners

I DO believe in the power of prayer! I can give you multiple examples of God answering prayers in my life. God really and truly amazes me on a daily basis. Having said that: Rosalie woke up yesterday morning, the breathing apparatus has been removed, and she is up out of the hospital bed sitting in a chair. They want to get her up and walking later on today, or tomorrow. She had asked Sherry and Sheri Lynn to help her with her hair, and put on some makeup. Roe was asking for some Jello! These are all really good things! Some, including me would say “A Miracle”! Praise God! Rosalie, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Get Well Soon!

This picture is most of the Messners. Tom and Roe’s clan. Shot December 25, 2011. Canon 30D with a 580EXII on camera triggering 2 580EXII’s off camera, one to the left, and one to the right.

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