Photo a Day Challenge

The “assignment” is Yellow! Delanie – January 9, 2013


So the assignment was “Yellow”. Randy came up with a neat shot of the yellow lines in the road, with a “Yield” sign slightly out of focus in the distance. Billy, if I remember correctly came up with a picture of a yellow Corvette. One of my “yellow” images was Delanie at the park on a swing, with me shooting directly into the light, with a 580EX II speed light on camera for fill. The yellow in her dress is enough color to meet the requirement. It was an excuse to go out and shoot something, anything. A good exercise to strengthen composition, and basic camera skills. An excuse to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. We met many times, with many different assignments, and I enjoyed every one of them, and the friendships we developed. You had to show up with an actual “print”, (up to 5) and we would critique each others work. Sometimes we would go out together and shoot after our “meetings” More photographs from this shoot HERE. Canon 30D, EFS 17-85 lens at 17mm, ISO-100, 1/250 sec, and F-11.

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