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Happy Easter – April 20, 2014

Ryan Nunez
We had a total of 8 Easter Services at Palm Valley Church. 1 Friday night, 2 services Saturday night, 3 services Sunday morning at the main campus in Goodyear, and 2 Sunday services at the Buckeye campus. Pastor Ryan Nunez spoke at all 8 services.
Sunday Goodyear 10am service, the overflow of 300-350 sat in the lobby watching the service on TV. We had 1477 adults attend this service.

The worship team taking some candid shots after the last service Sunday.
Digital audio mixing board for Scott to see…..

Palm Valley Church – Sunday March 9, 2014


PalmValley 02

Praise and Worship team Saturday night.

PalmValley 01

Pastor Ryan Nunez, addressing Pastor Greg Rohlingers failing health. On Tuesday or Wednesday last week Greg was put into induced coma, with a ventilator. He has double pneumonia, as a result of his MSA, the spincter muscle in his throat is not working correctly, so he has aspirated, breathed liquids, or food into his lungs. As a church we are praying specifically for him to be healed from his double pneumonia, so he can spend some time with his wife and children….

Update Monday March 10 “Praise God, Pastor Greg has been taken off the ventilator and is doing better. Continue to pray for recovery and strength.” from the twitter feed at