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Coming Soon – August 1, 2014

Pictures from 8-01-2014. Right at 4 weeks till GoDaddy gets its new building. Lots of changes each and every week.
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Brick Dust – March 27, 2013

Brick Dust

So this is what the ground looks like after cutting 4-5 bricks. The whole side yard looked like this and was totally covered in brick dust the day I cut 60-80 bricks. Shot with the Canon 30D, ISO-100, 40mm, F8, 1/160 sec.

Cutting Clay Bricks – March 26, 2013

Cutting Clay Bricks

I finished the round planter yesterday, so the project is nearing completion. This is the last brick getting an angle cut on both ends, so it can make a tighter radius or turn.  The brick has been soaking in a bucket of water for 30-45 minutes, and is soaked all the way through. If the brick was dry, the red clay dust would be 20-30 times dustier. Because the brick is soaked through the dust settles or drops to the ground almost immediately. When cutting dry bricks you have a massive cloud of red dust in the air for 5-10 minutes. All the cats track into the house the clay dust on their paws. Sheri Lynn will be glad when this project is done. You can see the round planter in the left bottom corner with most of the top row already on. No morter between the joints yet. Shot with the Canon 30D, ISO-100, 27mm, F4, 1/60 sec.

Side Yard 2 – March 12, 2013


Taken from the opposite angle of the first Side Yard photo. You can see the “pots” with their succulants planted. The “footer” and the first row of bricks are in place. You can tell the grass has been killed, and you can also see piles of bricks waiting to be laid. Black snakes of drip line are waiting to be burried once the planters are completed. The clay bricks for the curves, and the circle planter laid out in the middle of the yard have been cut with about a nine degree angle on both ends, to form a tighter circle, or curve. I cut approx 80 bricks, at both ends. Skill saw with a diamond blade. To keep the “clay dust” down the bricks were soaked in water for 45 minutes to an hour first. I will post a picture of me cutting one soon. The yard is full of clay mud/dust. My beautiful wife is glad that most of the cuts are done, as the saw is very loud, and the dust is being tracked into the house. NOT by me, its the cats….. 🙂 Canon 30D, ISO-100, 17mm, F8, 1/40 sec. Shot taken 3/13/2013.