Photo a Day Challenge

T-Mobile “Favs” – January 17, 2013


So its NBA All Star weekend in Phoenix Arizona, with the Phoenix Suns playing host. This is early February 2009. T-Mobile puts a “skin” on all four sides of the Bank of America building. It becomes the biggest billboard in the “Valley of the Sun”. I count 16 floors. This image was taken from Chase Field’s parking garage, the top floor. Workers are taking the “skin” off the building. It was truly amazing to watch these dare devils remove these stickers, for lack of a better word. They would roll up a 4-6′ section at a time. I do not know how long it to put up, but it was several full days to take it down. Canon 30D, 18-55mm lens, at 20mm, F-13, 1/160 sec, ISO-100, using my Bogan tripod and ballhead.

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