Photo a Day Challenge

Side Yard – March 10, 2013


So this is the view we have out of the kitchen window, and from the livingroom, and from the dining room. Its our side yard. The plants against the house are always green and beautiful. The problem is, you can’t see them from any of the windows. What you can see is some patchy grass, some dirt most of the year, and this fence. In the far right of this picture you can see some bricks that make up a planter in the corner of my back yard. This project will have me building a brick planter along the fence, and a round planter in the middle of the yard.  there will be a row of pavers that seperate the grass, from pavers, and granite. In this photo, I’ve already capped off all of the sprinklers, and an in the process of moving two sprinklers to new locations. The “grass” to the left of the row of bricks has been treated with Round Up, to kill it. I’ll post more pictures, as I continue to work on this project. Shot with the Canon 30D, 17mm, ISO-100, F8, 1/160 sec, on my Bonan Tripod.

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