Photo a Day Challenge

Ryan Messner – May 28, 2013

Ryan Messner

So early Saturday morning, OK scratch that! It is Ryan after all. Saturday 10:ish Ryan and I went out to the desert to go shooting. Mark and Tom wussed out, scratch that, had other appointments and could not make it. I brought my Ruger 9mm. This was the first day I shot MY gun. I had shot the Ruger before, when Mark owned it, but this was the first time shooting MY gun. Ryan brought too many weapons to count. Seriously! This is Ryan burning through a 10 round magazine in about 4 seconds with my Ruger. This a composite image made from 3 images showing all 10 spent shells flying through the air. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-50, F8, 105mm, 1/400 sec.

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