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Rosalie Messner – January 25, 2013


So the title of this post could be “Everybody Loves Ray”, or “Mom & Dad”, or “Thomas and Rosalie Messner”. Why the different titles? Because Tom and Roe are my in-laws, they live across the street and down one house. Mom & Dad, that one comes from love and respect. Rosalie would do anything for you. A lot of the qualities that I love in my beautiful wife came from her mother. On February 5th, she will be 75 years young. Roe is in intensive care after surgery for a lung filled with infection from having pneumonia. The surgeon said recovery would be 2-3 days in ICU, then a couple of weeks in the hospital. Tom and Roe have 4 children, lots of grandchildren, and great grandchildren who are all praying for her speedy recovery. Get Well Soon! We Love You Mom!

Shot Christmas day 2011. Canon 30D, ISO-100, 17-40mm L lens at 40mm, F5, 1/50 sec, tripod mounted, 2 off camera 580-EXII strobes triggered by ST-2E.

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