Photo a Day Challenge

Randy Fletcher – February 15, 2013

Randy Fletcher

Randy Fletcher

So this is my friend Randy Fletcher. We met while working at Fry’s Electronics, and were both very interested in photography. Randy went over to the dark side. Nikon. Need I say more? The accolade I give Randy when he’s taken a picture, that I wish I had taken is: “The only way that image could be better, is if it was taken with a Canon”! We both are now working in different areas with different schedules, but we do still make time to go out and shoot. This image was shot February 15, 2009 at 6:38 PM, in the golden hour. Canon 30D ISO-200, EF 28-135 IS lens at 44mm, F5, 1/100 sec, with my 580 EX speed light camera mounted. I exposed for the ambient light, and the strobe flash filled Randy.

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