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Pastor Greg Rohlinger – February 6, 2014


This is an early photo of Greg Rohlinger from Christmas Eve 2005.

Pastor Greg Rohlinger

This is the first photograph that I posted on my blog early in 2013.

Palm Valley Church Chritsmas 2013 06

This image is from Christmas 2013.

Greg is having surgery Thursday February 6, 2014, it will be a Deep Brain Stimulation procedure. The doctors using images from an MRI will place some small probes on specific areas of his brain that will intercept the signals causing tremors. He will also have a controller placed in his chest, along with a battery. This will allow his doctor to “dial in” or “program” the probes to the right frequency to best control his symptoms. Our church, “Palm Valley Church” is praying on Thursday for Greg’s surgery, the surgeons, nurses, assistants, technicians, and everyone involved with the procedure. The church will be open from 7am till 7pm. We know Greg is in God’s hands. More on Deep Brain Stimulation here. Pastor Greg Rohlingers Blog here.

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