Photo a Day Challenge

Palm Valley Church – December 7, 2013

Greg Rohlinger 01

Child dedication, Pastor Greg praying over the families. He has a walker he uses now, and a scooter rides around on.

Greg Rohlinger 02

Our “Toys n More” was today at Lattie Coor elementry school, where toys and food was available for up to 2000 families. The event was a huge success, left over boxes of food was donated to the local food bank, left over toys were donated to a church in San Diego, local Toys for Tots, the Avondale Police Dept, and the Avondale Fire Dept.

Greg Rohlinger 03

Greg after service, greeting, encouraging, and talking with anyone who was willing to wait in line to talk to him. He always has a smile on his face, always!

Greg Rohlinger 04

Greg, laying his hands on, and praying with couples, families, and ANY one who needs prayer. He is truely amazing. With all he has going on in his life, to administer to anyone in our congregation who needs it. I wonder what Pauls “thorn” was, a health issue? We pray everyday that God heals Greg, but he seems to be reaching so many more people for Jesus Christ with this afflication……


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