Photo a Day Challenge

Mario’s Tahoe – February 7, 2013


So my buddy Mario purchased a new Tahoe, and put some really nice tires and wheels on it. I said lets take some pictures of your new ride. The reflections on the wet blacktop from the wheels are very blue. This is one of my favorite shots of the night. A long shutter speed, 1.3 seconds blurred the water from the fountain in the background. The water is a different color because of the metal halide lights. The Tahoe is being lit with 2-Canon 580 EX’s off camera left, and right, triggered with the ST-2E. The location is the Pointe South Mountain, in front of the main fountain. Shot February 7, 2009. The 30D, ISO-200, with my EF 17-40 L lens at 24 mm, and F6.3. The lights were on stands, and the camera on my Bogan tripod, and ball head. We had to keep moving our gear out of the road, as this is the main entrance to the Pointe.

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