Photo a Day Challenge

Lucy – April 11, 2013


So Lucy was a ferrell cat. We came home from vacation a couple of years ago, and she had had a litter of kittens in our backyard. Max is one of that litter. The kittens soon became used to human contact, and once they got adopted out, we trapped Lucy and had her fixed. Her clipped left ear is an indicator that she has been fixed. Jazmin spent a lot of time taming Lucy. She is a talker and will follow Jazmin almost anywhere. Here Lucy is posing in front of an orange wall, which really brings out her beautiful marknigs. Lucy will tolerate me, but strictly on her terms. I think she knows I’m the one who trapped her. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-100, F4, 105mm, 1/160 sec, with the Speedlight 580 EXII camera mounted, bounced off the ceiling.

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