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Kitchen Project – March 8, 2013

Kitchen BeforeKitchen After

Before and After. Time flies. In late February 2010, early March, we replaced formica counter tops and black splashes with granite, and a Jazmin designed tile backsplash. We are still loving the upgrade. If you’re having a “hot” meal, you might want a pot holder, or insulated placemat, so the cold stone does not make your meal cold. With the old counter tops it was easy to “see” any crumbs, or any mess. With this granite, you always have to “feel” it to make sure its clean. The countertops went in in 4-5 hours. The backsplash took about 1 week to get attached to the wall, and grouted. Top picture 580EX was camera mounted and “bounced” off the ceiling. BottomĀ  picture, same with a 580EX II remotly triggered sitting on top of the old refrigerator. Its since been replaced with a stainless steel unit. Canon 30D, ISO-100, F8, 17mm, 1/80 sec.

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