Photo a Day Challenge

Killer Bees? – January 12, 2013


Ever drive by something, and not believe your eyes? (See insert on top left). That happened to me on the way home from the grocery store, I thought I saw a swarm of bees hanging onto a tree. My wife asked me what I was doing, as we had food that needed to be in the freezer, while I turned the car around for another look. Killer Bees? I don’t think so, but these bees were swarming, and would do anything to protect their queen. I’m told she would have been in the center of this giant mass. I had my Canon 30D with me, so I took some pictures. Sheri Lynn was sure I would get stung, as I snapped 10-20 pictures with my 580EX strobe flashing like crazy. I did not! The boy in me wanted to grab a stick, but the photographer in me wanted to preserve the scene. I drove home, helped put away groceries, and looked at the pictures. I was AMAZED! There seemed to be thousands in this “ball” or swarm. I grabbed my gear, (bat) and headed back. It had been less than 20 minutes, guess what I found? Nothing, they had already moved on. Another reason to keep a camera with you, you NEVER know what you’ll find.

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