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Introducing the New GoDaddy Call Center – August 28, 2014

OK, I’m a couple of days early. Rumor has it that GoDaddy will take possession of the new Tempe Call Center on September 2, 2014. The first 100 or so C3 reps will begin working on September 10, with most everyone in the building by 9/17. The building is 98 or 99% done inside. The parking/grounds/Phase III areas are  80-85% done. Grand Opening to be announced, but should take place in October sometime, depending on schedules. The inside of the building looks pretty much the way it did last week, only a little cleaner, and more of the finishing touches are done. The outside is way different. The basketball area has all of the “sails” mounted, and looks really cool. The whole Delta 13 area is coming along. Some of the areas were getting concrete poured/finished today. Landscapers everywhere. planting/finishing up the drip irrigation/finishing the planters.  The kitchen/break area has a lot of the serving tables and stations being installed. Tables and chairs stacked up everywhere. The training room has projectors, I asked about the light from all of the windows…….. whir ….. the blackout screens are automatic. The gym floor is down, but none of the equipment is in place yet. There are HUGE TV’s everywhere. 55″-90″. Yes I said 90″ TV’s. The break room in the developers area contains taps for beer, and wine coolers…….  This is a building all of us at GoDaddy can be proud of. All of the images I shot are available HERE.

IMG_8346 IMG_8368 IMG_8372 IMG_8419 IMG_8424 IMG_8426 IMG_8435

IMG_7345 IMG_7325 IMG_7346

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