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Greg Rohlinger Day – Goodyear, AZ – November 24, 2013

Greg Rohlinger 1

Greg’s father in law Don Engram, who has been a pastor for for 60 years, spoke this weekend at Palm Valley Church. The series is called ROAR! Its about what God can do with us, if we let Him. Lori introduced her father, and in the past 60 years, he has been in 78 countries, flown back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean 76 times, been behind the Iron Curtain, and done some amazing things for God’s Kingdom. Lori also let us know the mayor of Goodyear had officially declared Novemer 24, 2013 as “Greg Rohlinger Day”. Don Engram was born into an abusive home, with NO indoor plumbing, no bathroom, kitchen sink, tub/shower, in a very poor area. He told us how he gave his life to the Lord when he was a freshman in high school, and by the time he was a senior, his parents had split up, and he had no place to live. A pastor invited him to live with their family his senior year, and he stated that was the first time in his life he saw love and respect modeled between a man and his wife. Don went to a bible college, but had a stutter, and was told he would never become a preacher. Don had some great stories about how God was able to use,  and help him “roar”.

Saturday night after service, I stood and watched Pastor Greg on his scooter, shake hands, and hug everyone around him. It amazes me to watch him minister and pray over people in the church for whatever they need, as he battles his Multiple System Atrophy. The Parkinson’s symptoms are becoming more pronounced. He has a heart for God’s work, and never complains. He tells me that he is happy just shaking hands, hugging them, and ministering to them any way he can.

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  1. Katherine (McWilliams) Scanlon

    Pastor Greg Rohlinger..

    I have been trying to contact your father-in-law, Pastor Don Engram for many years. My prayers were finally answered yesterday when I found my Certificate of Baptism from 1966 at First Baptist Church in Pekin, IL. I realized that I had spelled his name “Ingram” all these years.

    This man was the most amazing pastor in the world. Because of him, I dedicated my life to the Lord and remember SO much of the scriptures he spoke of in his sermons. I was terribly disappointed when he and Sharon moved to Arizona, but knew that God called them there.

    Pastor Engram made the greatest difference in my life and I would love to write to him and Sharon. However, I haven’t found an address for him and would so appreciate it if you could give me that. The Lord brought him back into my life for a purpose.

    Thank you so very much.

    December 31, 2013 at 1:45 PM

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