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GoDaddy’s New Tempe Call Center UpDate – December 9, 2013

GoDaddy 16 GoDaddy 17 GoDaddy 18 GoDaddy 19 GoDaddy 20 GoDaddy 21 GoDaddy 22 GoDaddy 23 GoDaddy 24 GoDaddy 25 GoDaddy 26 GoDaddy 27 GoDaddy 28 GoDaddy 29 GoDaddy 30 GoDaddy 31 GoDaddy 32

Saturday after work I stopped by the call center to see what progress had been made…. quite a lot. The exterior block fence is coming along nicely. Several of the “poured in place walls” look like they are ready, or close to ready for concrete. Lots of regular and decorative concrete block on pallets, bags of concrete, or morter, scaffolding ready to errect for the block layers. I’m sure additional progress is being made on infrastructure that is not visible from outside the fences.

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