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GoDaddy’s new Tempe Call Center – April 17, 2014

GoDaddy 18
Some times you look at something in a different way….. Reflections from water, windows, mirrors, …. can create some very unique patterns.
GoDaddy  8
This is a cooling tower, in a separate building.
GoDaddy  9
Equipment is being added everywhere. I need to ask Vince what this room is housing. Its at the corner closest to Warner and the 101 freeways. In the area of the kitchen/cafe area.
GoDaddy 14
Looking down from the 2nd floor, by the lobby into the cafe area.
GoDaddy 11
1st floor, polishing the floor. This will be a main walkway, speedway, course, whatever you want to call it.
GoDaddy 12
2nd floor covering to keep the polished floor clean. Both of these areas are in phase 2. You can also see lots of metal studs for drywall. There is some drywall work that is new in the last 10 days.
GoDaddy 10
90 degree bends for the air vents.
GoDaddy 13
ELEVATORS are being installed!!!!! This is looking in one of the “doors” on the second floor, looking up. The workers had the area roped off while they were working.
GoDaddy  6
ELEVATORS, this shot from the first floor, looking up. That is the bottom of both elevators.
GoDaddy  7
Lots of changes in 10 days at the call center. This corner is mostly buttoned up.
GoDaddy 15
The roof is very close to being finished. The foam and rubber roofing is 90-95% complete. The air handling / equipment areas are filling up, and being painted. Today was about 92 degrees outside. The roof felt 15-20 degrees hotter with all of the white reflective materials.
GoDaddy 16
Cutting through the roof for access from one of the utility closets on the second floor.
GoDaddy 17
Another selfie ………..
As always… all the images from the New Tempe Call Center can be seen here, and all were shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens, and on indoor images flash fill provided by the 580 EX II Speedlight, camera mounted.

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