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Go Daddy’s New Tempe Call Center – August 13, 2013

Go Daddy Tempe 14

I dropped by the new GoDaddy Tempe location on the way home from work last night. OK, it was right around 2:30 or 3:pm when I got there. A lot got done this week. The general grading seems to be complete, the sewer line is buried. Some electrical conduit, and plumbing is in place, some footers for foundations have been poured. I’ll add some of those pictures tomorrow. Just to the right of the ASU Research Park sign is a yellow “Ryan” trailer. That isĀ  sitting to the back of the lot closest to the 101. GoDaddy’s in a prime location right at the front of the Research Park, with good exposure from Warner and the 101.

Go Daddy Tempe 15

This is shot from the other side of the pond, just to the right of the black truck is the water tank, and some of the equipment being used to help build the new building. Everything to the right of the pine tree is fenced in area where the new building and parking is going to be. This is the first time some of the crews were still on location, working. I imagine they start pretty early with the tempatures still reaching 110+ degrees.

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