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DLP TV – May 17, 2013


OK – I posted this picture before. The rub – the DLP chip or Light Engine has gone out on this TV. $600 -$800 repair. ….. or you can order the part $100 – $150 and watch youtube to figure out how to install the chip.

Light Engine 1

Complete Light Engine out of the Mitsubishi WD-65734

Light Engine 2

The cover with the fan removed, the heat sink with all of the dust is covering the DLP chip.

Light Engine 3

Reassembled – new chip installed and dust blown away.

DLP Chip front with mirrors

This is the front of the DLP chip, you can see some of the 2,073,600 individual mirrors inbetween the red and yellow reflections. When these mirrors no longer move, you get the spots on the picture. That reflective pattern from the strobe is very much like the pattern of the spots on the TV’s before picture. Note this is the bad chip…….. hmmmmmm¬† How do I know there is 2,073,600 individual mirrors on this chip? The resolution is 1920 x 1080 – or 1080P . Multiply the 2 numbers together. That is also the exact number of pixels on an LCD, LED, or the number of cells on a 1080P Plasma.

DLP Chip back with pins

The back of the DLP chip?¬† You can see the pins that attach to the “mother board” within the Light Engine. This is the side of the chip that the heat sink covers. The DLP chip mounts to the motherboard, and there is a rectangle hole it the motherboard that the heat sink can recess into to draw heat away from the chip.


Approx 1 to 1-1/2 hours, and its all better.


All shot with the Canon 5D Mark II.

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