Photo a Day Challenge

Chihuly Wild Flowers – January 16, 2013



Chihuly Flowers in the Goodyear Arizona Wild Flower Cafe. So it was Tom and Rosalie’s anniversary. After church we took them out for lunch. This is early 2005, and I had my Olympus with me. If I really look, I may have taken 2-3 shots of my in-laws that Sunday afternoon, but I have plenty of pictures of the Chihuly Glass Flowers. The Olympus did not have “RAW”, but it did have the ability to save in tiff. That little camera would take 10-30 seconds to save a picture in tiff, but those images I took in tiff 7 years ago still have very good resolution, and clarity, and a lot more “room” when I bring them into Lightroom, or Photoshop, than jpegs from the same camera. This was originally saved as a jpeg.  ISO-100, 1/25th of a second, 9mm, F3.2


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