Photo a Day Challenge


Signs at night – September 29, 2014

Sign at the Warner entrance. The white areas around the GoDaddy logo are overblown areas within the picture. You can see the neon tubes. The green is extremely bright. This image does not do the sign justice.
IMG_7705 IMG_7712
Close up, and a little further back. These signs are extremely bright as well. All images shot at around 4:45 am today on my way to work. All are long exposures with the camera mounted on my tripod.

Its Go Time! – September 25, 2014

Lots of new signage since my last visit. The outside areas are still being finished.
The basketball court has paint? or some kind of coating with the GoDaddy Dude at center court.
The main entrance is GRAND!!! Lots of space and a comfortable seating area, also a grand staircase to the second floor.
IMG_8478 IMG_7674
From the main entrance if you go through the automatic sliding glass doors into the developers area, you get to see the American Chopper GoDaddy motorcycle. Next several pictures are of “the SLIDE”. The quickest way from the second to the first floor, right into the cafe.
IMG_8488 IMG_8476 IMG_8460 IMG_8458 IMG_8450
Other amenities include GoDaddy beach cruisers that you can ride around the grounds, and pedal carts that you can drive around inside the building.

IMG_8477 IMG_7679 IMG_7681 IMG_8503IMG_8489IMG_8500IMG_8499IMG_8505IMG_8497
Ran into a lot of old friends that are now working in the new building. Everyone I talked to loves the building, the grounds, and the amenities.
Live plants everywhere inside, as well as outside. The cafe sports a hanging garden that is incredible.
***** YES!!!! There is a gym, and its up and running. *****
IMG_8443 IMG_8445 IMG_8444Lots of great spaces within each area in the building. It has come together very nicely since my last visit. All images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, with the EF 17-40 F4 L lens, or with the EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens. Most of the inside shots illuminated with the Canon 580EX II Speedlight.

Jessica & John – September 7, 2014

Jessica and John after dinner Thursday night at Fudruckers.
Jazmin & Jessica – sisters!

My girls…….. and John!

The 5 of us Sunday morning after Starbucks….

Jessica & John

Jessica & John

My Girls !!!!

Jazmin, James, and Jessica …. The 3 J’s !!!




Emties? – September 27, 2013

Glass Bottles 4 Glass Bottles 3 Glass Bottles 2 Glass Bottles 1

Driving home from BJ’s house, how many times have I said that on my blog? I went out to Estrella Parkway, and headed south…. there is a dog park along the main road just befor you cross the river, and this sculpture is on the premises. Its pretty neat with the sun overhead. Lots of colored shadows on the ground. So an update on BJ, he has been very alert the last couple of times I stopped by to see him. Lots of old friends and neighbors are starting to visit him, and it seems to really tire him out. He has a hospital bed in the living room. On Wed, or Thur, he asked me to help him go sit there….. what he wanted was to move from the hospital bed, to his bed in his room, where he fell asleep in seconds. He gets tired easly. He is not eating, or not eating much. He is drinking a few sips of tea, or water. The hospice nurses come in every other day, or so…… I hate to see him like this. I will miss spending time with my friend. Every one of his neighbors and friends say he is good people. I’ve known Billy, as a friend for 5-6 years, and as an acquaintance for 6-8 years, and I agree he is good people.


Grain Silos – September 24, 2013

Grain Silos

My car needed to be run through emmissions. I’ll go to the one in Goodyear. Long lines, it was a Monday, not even the end of the month. I did take a couple of pictures on the way home. Not sure if these store grain, or something else. there is a railway spur that runs right up next to the front of the silos. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-100, 105mm, F8, 1/360 sec.

Red Skies at Night….. – September 23, 2013

Red Skies 2

Red Skies 1

Driving home Saturday evening from visiting with BJ, Michael, and Richard. BJ was in good spirits, and we had a good conversation. I snapped a couple of shots. After driving directly into the sun for 20-25 minutes, it set. The sky was bright red, yellow, orange.

BJ Starr – September 22 2013

BJStarr 1

So Randy, BJ, and I wanted to take some pictures outside. We were at BJ’s pink house. He owns the empty lot next to his house. His plan was to build his dream house on the empty lot, then raise the pink house. He felt like he could get the city of Phoenix to change the zoning enough so that he could have a helicopter landing pad behind his house. All of the neighbors were on board with this plan. He had just purchased his Canon 5D Mark II. I shot this image with my Canon 30D, you can see South Mountain behind Billy. I re-added the image into the lens on his camera. BJ really liked this image. Its one of my favorites of him from the last 5-6 years of our friedship. I’m sure there are pictures of him in his police uniform, and in his helicopter. This is how I want to remember BJ, vibrant, and so full of life. I spent an hour with BJ and Mike today after work. Billy is on a different medication, and was tired, and not too coherent while I was there. He had been up earlier when the hospice nurse came by to see him. I let him know I would stop by again tomorrow after work. I always tell him I’m thinking about him, and praying for him. He always answers I appreciate that.

Date taken 3/20/2009 Canon 30D, ISO-100, F8, 100mm, 1/100 sec. The Canon EF 100mm F2.8 lens is a “macro” lens for taking close up pictures. Its wide aperture, F2.8 is good for a shallow depth of field, and a blown out background, so its also a good portrait lens.

BJ Starr – September 21, 2013

BJStarr 2 BJ as an unwilling model. I bought a used projector and we rigged a screen, (white sheet) and projected a photo onto the screen, which is the background for this image. Shot 5/08/2009, in the “white house” studio.

BJStarr 3

Base of South Mountain, 1/4 mile behind BJ’s house. BJ’s new tripod. Shot on my birthday 10/24/2009.

I’ve talked about my friend and photographer buddy BJ Starr in a several posts this year. I alluded to BJ early on when I started this blog by saying I was dedicating my blog to my pastor and a very good friend who are both dealing with severe illnesses. BJ is fighting a losing battle with cancer. There I said it. I hate what cancer has done to my friend, and everyone else whose lives it effects every single day. I spent a couple of hours with him last night after work. A couple of his neighbors and friends were with him as well. Dave and Rita and Mike. I like their stories. I like BJ’s stories. Over the last couple of years as he’s been battling with cancer we’ve shared lots of conversations, and stories. I treasure them all. When I could’nt stop by after work, I’ld call and talk during my 30-45 minute drive home. He had hearing issues for a couple of months, which were very frustrating for everyone, but that passed. He is most always coherent, and a real pleasure to be around. Photography, cars, woman, airplanes, we talk about  everything, and have lots of things in common. He is a pilot, and flight instructor for fixed wing, (airplane), and helicoptor. He flew helicopter for the City of Phoenix police department for years. I hate losing a friend to cancer. He is not eating and has lost 60-80 pounds from when the above pictures were taken. I pray for a miracle, but I feel thats the only he will survive this. God may need him more than his family and friends.

BJ Starr – September 20, 2013


I really like this picture of BJ. I shot this while we were working a Christmas party together. Shooting pictures, then printing on site, and selling the prints. I really miss shooting with BJ. Shot December 3, 2011. BJ was in relative good health then. He seems to get weaker every day I go and see him. If I remember correctly, he has a birthday coming up this month. I hope and pray he can beat this. Canon 30D, ISO-100, F5.6, 40mm, 1/100 sec, Canon Speedlight 580EX camera mounted.

My Girls – September 19, 2013

My Girls

Sheri Lynn, Lucy, and Jazmin. Sheri Lynn needed a photograph, so I took a couple of head shots. Lucy and Jazmin were curious and wanted their picture taken as well. I’m a very lucky man to have them in my life. Not so much the cats…….. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO100, 105mm F4, 1/125 sec, Canon Speedlight 580 EX II, bounced of the ceiling.

Go Daddy’s New Tempe Call Center – September 18, 2013

GoDaddy 15

Went by on my way home from work. Looks like they are getting ready to get the drainage pipes into the ground soon. Still waiting for the next big cement pour.

GoDaddy 16

If you click on this image, it will allow you to click on it again to see it full size. You can see the forms look like they are all in place for the next big slab. You can see the detail in all of the infrastructure comming up from underground. Water, sewer, electrial, etc. Canon 5D Mark II.

More Clouds – September 17, 2013

big sky 2

OK, same scenario as yesterday. Driving home after work after spending some time with Billy, the sky was incredible, so I stopped and shot a couple of pictures. I know, its hard to believe. I love the light and dark blue areas around the clouds, like they are casting shadows. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-100, F18, 24mm,  1/400 sec. Minimal processing in LightRoom.

Estrella Mountains – September 16, 2013

Estrella 1

So as I was driving home from visiting my friend BJ Starr, I stopped off at 91st Avenue and Baseline Road. Looking west into the sun, with the cloud cover produced a very nice landscape. The sky was very cool. Our skys are always clear and blue, its nice to have the weather we have had over the last 6 weeks or so. Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens, at 24mm, ISO-50, F8, 1/400 sec. Post production Lightroom only to darken the sky, and add a little saturation.

Big Sky – September 15, 2013

big sky & corn

Driving home from BJ’s house I drive through the desert, and farm land. Friday the 13th produced a big sky, lots of big cloud formations to the east. Dust storm / thunder storm warnings and all. I drive by this field 3 or 4 times a week. I went past, and looked in the rear view mirror, and really liked what I saw. I thought about using the EF 17-40 F4 L lens at 17mm to accentuate the sky, but settled for the 24-105.

Go Daddy’s new Tempe Call Center – September 14, 2013

GoDaddy 14
This image was shot on my way into work on Friday the 13th! Approx 5:15 AM. Several cement trucks were on site pouring some slabs.

GoDaddy 12 GoDaddy 13 GoDaddy 11 GoDaddy 10

Shot Friday on my way home from work, approx 2:30pm. So it looks like these slabs were poured, almost a “free form” maybe as part of driveways? Then finished, and cut for expansion/seams. As you can see the next phase was not poured. I have not talked to Vince the last couple of times I’ve been out to the site to take pictures. I’m sure he started VERY early today. Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens, top shot ISO-400, F4, 1/25 sec. All others ISO-50, F8, 1/400 sec.

Go Daddy’s new Tempe Call Center – Friday the 13th

GoDaddy 07

Went by the site today on my way into work – they are pouring concrete – multiple cement trucks are on site now. I will take some more pictures after work and get them posted this weekend.

GoDaddy 09

GoDaddy 08

I took lots of pictures after work, but ran out of time to get them processed, and posted. I will add more over the weekend. Looks like the vapor barrier (yellow plastic) is down and ready to get covered with new concrete. It also looks like the foundation/stem wall forms are in place for the existing slab, Phase one, that was poured 10-14 days ago. It would not surprise me to see concrete poured on Friday, or Monday. Lots of standing water / mud in places on site. Main work areas were already to grade, so they appear to be much dryer / less muddy. I took pictures of the drainage pipes that will go into the ground, and help moving water away from the structures and parking areas.

Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens, ISO-50, F8, 1/400 sec.

911 remembered – September 12, 2013


This image was uploaded full sized. You can see the detail in the image if you click on it. This is across Tempe Town Lake, looking at their 911 memorial. A flag for every life that was lost.
911 2

911 1

911 3

Tempe has put this memorial together for several years now. It makes you think about each of the American lives that were lost in a single day, as you walk through the thousands of flags. Pattison is not a common name. Walking through the flags, I realised they were put up in alphabetical order, and I was approaching the P’s……

Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-50, EF 17-40 F4 L lens, most images at 17mm, 1/500 sec.

Another Rainy Day – September 11, 2013

Estrella Estrella B&W

I envisioned this landscape as black and white as I took it. Driving home from visiting my buddy BJ Starr. I get very emotional when I leave. I try to be strong while I’m spending time with BJ, but the truth is he is getting weaker every day. He is not eating much, and has little to no energy. I will miss him more than I can every say. Jerita and I talked for 30-45 minutes after I left. I can’t even imagine what Deborah and Jerita are going through. God give them the strength they will need to get through this.

Fire up north – September 10, 2013

Fire 1 Fire 2

In the top image you can see the smoke on the inside of the windows. The bottom photo is the back of the cabin/house. Insurance fire? This is about 1-1/2 miles from Jeff and Alison’s cabin. Recent fire, you could smell the fire/smoke as we turned to walk up the driveway.

GoDaddy’s new Tempe Call Center – September 4, 2013

GoDaddy 02 GoDaddy 01 GoDaddy 03 GoDaddy 04 GoDaddy 05 GoDaddy 06

Drove by the new site on my way home. Looks like forms are in place to pour a lot more concrete.

Sunset – September 2, 2013


Sheri Lynn shot this thru the windsheild, dropping down into Camp Verde on the way home Sunday night. The picture does not do the extreme reds justice. It was AMAZING. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-200, 80mm, F8, 1/250 sec.

Jeff and Alyson’s cabin – September 1, 2013

bug Full Sized bug

We went up to the cabin for the day on Sunday. I walked around for a couple of hours with my camera in tow …. it was a beautiful day, 71 degrees, while the Phoenix area was 100+ degrees. A light sprinkle every so often. Lots of flowers in bloom, and lots of bugs. The bottom image is just a full sized crop of the top image. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-200, EF 24-105 F4 IS L glass, at F4 and 105mm, 1/1600 sec shutter speed.