Photo a Day Challenge


Another Time Lapse Video October 29, 2014

Halloween – October 31, 2013


Spooky enough for you…? Took this picture in Golden Gate State Park. Not sure what kind of spider it is, but its eating a bug, with another trapped in its web close by. This spider’s body was bigger than a quarter. Shot wide open at F4 to blur the background. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-100 105mm, F4, 1/200 sec, 580 EXII Speedlight camera mounted for fill, and to add to the separation of foreground / background.

San Francisco – October 30, 2013

San Fran

Golden State Bridge in the background. We flew over, had lunch in the Golden State Park, on the other side of the bridge at a deli called Lou’s Sandwich Shop.   The clam chowder was the best I’ve ever had, also the freshest tasting.  My turkey cranberry sandwich was also amazing.  Traffic into Petaluma on a Friday at 2PM was congested, and slow. Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105, ISO-100, F5.6, 1/200 sec, Canon Speedlight 580 EXII camera mounted for flash fill.

Golden Gate Bridge – October 25, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge

The plane landed, we collected luggage, got into the rental car, and next thing I knew, I was taking pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was just about perfect. The little park was jam packed full of tourists, like me taking pictures. Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 L F4, IS, at 47mm, F8, 1/200 sec.

New Grill – October 24, 2013

New Grill

Blue Rhino – The propane gas exchange company makes BBQ grills. Walmart sells this one under the brand BHG, Better Homes and Gardens. It had a lot of the features I was looking for in a new grill. I put it together last night. I’ve grilled chicken, steak, baked potatoes, summer squash, and made rotisserie chicken on it so far. 3 burners, a searing station, side burner, and the rotosserie burner in the back.

Sky on Fire – October 22, 2013

Sky on Fire

Driving home the sky was almost on fire. AMAZING colors.

GoDaddy’s new Tempe Call Center – October 18, 2013

GoDaddy  1

I drove by Warner and the 101 on my way home from work. I took several photos, but I’m only posting this one. The drainage pipes for the building, and parking lots seems to be in place, and they cross the road, and empty into the lake. Infrastructure seems to the main things that are getting done. I’ve driven by every week and took pictures, but I have not posted many of them. Now I’m trying to get on with life without my friend BJ Starr.

As this post is about GoDaddy I need to say that GoDaddy is the best company I’ve ever worked for. I always hear that we are like family, and with everything going on in my life, and the death of my friend, my boss’s ALL said “what can we do for you”? I was given time off work, and everyone was very encouraging, and concerned with my needs. I’ve never experienced this type of support from a place of employment. Even now 2 weeks after BJ’s passing, a supervisor, or a manager will walk by, and take the time to ask me how I’m doing, and what can GoDaddy as a company help me with. I’m truly amazed and blessed to be working in this environment. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU GODADDY!


Monkey Bars? – October 16, 2013

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars in the park. I liked the composition. Canon D Mark II, EF24-105 F4 L IS lens, ISO-50, F4 to blow out the background, 1/200 sec.

A Day in the Park – October 14, 2013

Maddie 1

So Jennifer was in the hospital……… could we watch Maddie for a couple of hours. Of course! Canon D Mark II, EF70-200 F4 L lens, ISO-50, F4 to blow out the background, 1/200 sec, Canon Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted, for fill.

Maddie 2

How could you say no to that face? Canon D Mark II, EF24-105 F4 L IS lens, ISO-50, F4 to blow out the background, 1/200 sec, Canon Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted, for fill.

Maddie's first dandelion

Maddie’s FIRST dandelion…… ever! Canon D Mark II, EF24-105 F4 L IS lens, ISO-50, F4 to blow out the background, 1/200 sec, Canon Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted, for fill.

Funeral for a Friend


BJ Starr003

Click on the link above for a PDF of the program from BJ’s funeral. If you notice there are 2 American Flags, 1 was presented to his son Emil, and one was presented to his son Eric. The presence of the City of Phoenix Police department, and the honor, and respect given to one of their own was amazing. City of Phoenix councilman Michael Johnson, the Chief of Police, the assistant Chief of Police, City of Mesa’s helicopter pilot, and others spoke at BJ’s funeral. I would guess that there was no less than 50-60 current, and past police officers in attendance. The procession into the sanctuary, and leaving the sanctuary was led by traditional bagpipe’s. Pictures from the viewing, funeral, and events after are here.

Obituary – Starr, Billy Jerome (BJ)

Starr, Billy Jerome

59 of Phoenix, launched from this life to the next on October 4, 2013 after a heroic battle with lung cancer. He was surrounded by family and friends who loved him unconditionally. Bj, as he was affectionally known by friends and family, graduated from East High School and went on to complete 31 years as a Phoenix Police Officer. BJ served on the force as a patrol officer, airport security and became the first and only black helicopter pilot for the City of Phoenix. Upon his retirement in July 2006, BJ continued his service as a reserve officer assigned to the Sky Harbor International Airport here he remained until his death. BJ founded three companies; Photography by B. J. Starr, Starr Enterprises and Starr Micro Systems. He also completed a Master’s Degree at Webster University. He is preceded in death by his parents, Billy and Katye Starr. He is also survived by two sons, Emil Malik Starr, (Sade) and Eric Jerome Starr; 2 sisters, Debra Starr Boyd (Robert) and Jerita Starr Laforcarde, (Jeffrey); 9 grandchildren, 4 nephews, 1 niece and a host of great nieces and nephews to mourn his passing. Viewing is scheduled for Friday, 11 Oct at Universal Memorial Center, 1100 E. Jefferson from 5:30- 7:30 pm. Memorial services will be held on Saturday, 12 Oct at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, 1401 E. Jefferson at 2:30 pm. Repast will be immediately following services. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in the name of Billy (BJ) Starr to The American Cancer Society at Donate.Cancer.Org . He will be truly missed by coworkers, friends and family.

AZ Republic

November 4, 1953 – October 4, 2013

BJ Starr 8

BJ Starr at 19 months.

BJ Starr 9

Guy, Jerita, Deborah, and BJ.

BJ Starr 7

Jerita, Deborah, and BJ Thanksgiving 2006.

BJ Starr 6

BJ Starr in front of one of the engines of Air Force One. February 3, 2004.

VIEWING:  Friday October 11, 2013 from 5:30PM – 7:30PM at UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL MORTUARY, 1100 E Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona

SERVICES: Saturday October 12, 2013 Viewing at 2:30PM, Service 3:00PM at PILGRIM REST BAPTIST CHURCH,  1400 E Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona

BJ STARR – October 4, 2013

BJ Starr 5

February 2013 Jerita, Billy, and Deborah.

BJ Starr 3

Jennifer, Billy, and Joncie.

BJ Starr 4

Billy and Emil.

BJ Starr 2

Eric and Billy.

BJ Starr 1

Jim and Billy.

BJ Starr lost his battle with cancer on Friday October 4th 2013, at approx 6:10 PM. I sit here crying as I type this entry for my blog. I spent about an hour with BJ on Thursday, he was not very responsive, but when I left, he knew who I was, I let him know I would be by tomorrow after work, and that I was thinking about him, and praying for him. The very same way I ended my conversations, and visits for the last 3+ years since he found out he had cancer. Friday I spend about an hour or so with Billy, who was visably worse, and his breathing had become labored. I let him know I would see him on Saturday, he nodded his head. That was the only response I got from him. During my visit, Deborah came by, and honked when she got to her brothers house, because “I was in her parking spot”, a running joke between us. I was in the room with Billy, and witnessed a very special moment between Deborah and Billy. She cradled his head and told him ” I love you big brother. We’ve got it, you can relax and let go,… Mom and Daddy are waiting for you, and we’ll be along soon, Dont worry about anything, we’ve got it. Relax and let go.” I was choked up with emotion, and thought how beautiful. Deborah left to go to work. I called Jerita and let her know I was headed home and about Deborah and Billy’s moment. I assured her I would come by on Saturday….. Before I was even home, Michael, Billys room mate called me and let me know Billy had passed, I turned around and went. It was tough to drive and cry at the same time. I tried to be strong for Deborah, Jerita, and Joncie. Several friends and neighbors were there, as was his son Eric. We held hands and recited the 23rd psalm. I will miss you Billy Starr!


The above pictures were shot in February 2013 at the viewing for Billy, deborah, and Jerita’s Daddy.

Old House – October 1, 2013

Old House 1 Old House 2

I’ve shot this house before. The fields around the house now have corn, or maise growing. In the bottom picture there is a metal sign that says “KEEP OUT LIVE WIRES”, I’m not quites sure what that means, so I went in, and took some pictures. I went by BJ’s house after work for approx 2 hours, or so. He was asleep the entire time. His aunt is in from Oklahoma, and used to be a nurse, rumor is that she looks like BJ’s mom. I never got to meet BJ’s mother. She seems nice. I met Mark, another neighbor, and we swapped stories about BJ. I let him know when I arrived, and when I left. Jerita and Jeff were on their way to see him, I just missed them. I feel like the time is getting near. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help encourage my friend fight, and to hang on a little longer…… I dont know how much longer he can hang on…….