Photo a Day Challenge


Aerial Views of the New Tempe Call Center – May 31, 2014

Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (1) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (2) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (3) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (4) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (5) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (6) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (7) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (8) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (9) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (10) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (11) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (12) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (13) Ryan Co. Go Daddy 5-31-14 (14)

So I did not take these photographs. Ryan Companies sent them to me. They were taken 5/31/2014. 12 weeks till GoDaddy takes possession of the new building. I’m hearing rumors of a “Phase III” area, and I’ll let you know more, once I know more.

Building Update – May 29, 2014


So when I arrived on the site today, I noticed increased activity from almost all of the trades. Lots of stuff getting done. 13 weeks from now GoDaddy will take possession of the new building. This area is almost completely done, as far as exterior paint. All of the photographs I’ve taken so far of the project can be seen  here.


The painters are taking the plastic off the windows, where the painting is done. The building looks really sharp.


Lots of “dirt” work going on. Looks like they are getting the dirt ready for the finished product, paving, and landscaping areas. Parking lot, and etc.



Tonka trucks working moving, and grading the dirt.


With the cloud cover, the roof was not really hot. Lots of progress on the roof, as far as getting the air handling vents connected to the blowers.


All of the crews seemed to have more workers than last week.


This area will lead into the gym area.


Same area, but shot from inside on the second floor. The framing is going in for the windows. Same type of progress is happening at the main entrance as well.


These are the windows in the cafe area, directly above where the big doors/windows will be.


Lots of areas on both floors had high populations of workers.


Lots of new framing for walls sprung up since last week. Curved hall areas are present throughout the building.


The drywall workers are getting lots done.


More new “huddle” areas going up.


Interior, and exterior walls are getting insulated.


Electrical boxes / rooms are starting to take shape.


Electrical rooms are duplicated for each phase.


This is the pump room for the chilled water that will cool the building.


OK, I let you know that there were a lot of workers on site today. I saw ladders everywhere.


Some of the workers on lunch, relaxing against the side of the building in the shade. This is my favorite photo from today. As always, all images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 L lens, and some of the interior images have flash fill provided by the Canon Speedlight 580 EX II. All of the photographs I’ve taken so far of the project can be seen here.


GoDaddy’s New Call Center – May 22, 2014

GoDaddy  25
North West side of the building, the painting is coming along. Multiple coats of color should stand up to the sun for awhile.
GoDaddy  26
Lots of components for the air systems are stacked up on both floors. I’m sure changing the air filters will be a full time job.
GoDaddy  27
Insulation going into the exterior walls. Also insulation going into the interior walls for the restrooms/equipment rooms/ and offices.
GoDaddy  28
Some of the exterior walls are getting drywall. So much has changed in one week. The crews are taking a long weekend for Memorial Day, and then pushing towards the finish line. Carpet is scheduled for July 1st, and GoDaddy should take possession of the building in September.
GoDaddy  29
Windows are in on Phase I, the South East corner.
GoDaddy  30
This is the news everyone is waiting for…….. They have started hanging the basket cable trays. This will hold the hundreds of miles of cabling that will go into the call center. The open basket design helps keep the cables cool. All images taken with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 L lens, and most of the interior shots are lit with the Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted. All of the images taken so far can be seen here.

New Tempe Call Center – May 16, 2014

GoDaddy  24
Second coat of paint going on the outside of the building.
GoDaddy  21
View from the roof from Phase I looking towards Phase II. You can see some dirt work. Getting ready for the final grading.
GoDaddy  22
View from the second story, looking out from the main entrance. Worker adding steel studs.
GoDaddy  23
Inside the room with the pumps, looking out of a window/vent area. As always all images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, and using the EF 24-105 F4 L lens. The Canon Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted for flash fill on the interior shots. ALL images from this project can be seen HERE.

Cactus Flower – May 9, 2014

cactus flower 01 cactus flower 02

BJ Starr lived in South Phoenix on an acre that had lots of cactus on it. When the cactus would break off, he would plant it in a pot. That’s where this plant came from. I still think about my friend Billy Starr often.

Roof Access – May 8, 2014

GoDaddy  11

This is the view from the top of the roof looking towards Warner and the 101. I love having roof access. Its amazing how much was done in the last week.

GoDaddy  10

Vents for the air handling system.

GoDaddy  9

This is a small part of the equipment that was craned onto the roof last week. Most of that equipment is fully assembled, OK probably not, but a lot of it is bolted together.

GoDaddy  12

Looking towards the 101, you can see the cooling towers, and in the empty space on the right, I believe will go the back up generators.

GoDaddy  13

Looking from the roof of phase 1 toward the Ryan trailer. Lots of cars and trucks on site, again multiple trades, and close to 100 workers on site.

GoDaddy  18

One of the light poles getting filled with cement. Shot from the second floor, looking down on the workers.

GoDaddy  16

More 2×4 steel studs going up. Lots of new drywall work as well. Spaces are being defined……. I wonder if I’ll get my own office…… Just a thought!

GoDaddy  15

AC vents lined up on the ground. Looks like pieces of a very large and complex puzzle.

GoDaddy  14

The framing crew is knocking it out of the park. I’m visiting the job site almost every week, and I can’t believe how much work gets done…..

GoDaddy  20

Ben, one of the electricians ….. measuring twice, and cutting once. Good advice.

GoDaddy  19

Ground floor looking up into the “hole” going up to the second floor……. interesting.

GoDaddy  17

Same “hole” looking from the second floor down to the first. All images shot so far can be seen here. All images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, today I mostly used the EF 17-40 F4 L lens. The Canon Speedlight 580 EX II was camera mounted for flash fill on many of the interior shots.

GoDaddy’s New Tempe Call Center – May 1, 2014

GoDaddy  1

Lots of work going on. I’m not sure how many trades are on site, but there are between 75-100 workers on site each day. Over 1500 photographs from August 2013 – present can be seen here.

GoDaddy  7

This is a form for one of the light poles. Ever wonder whats in the concrete base of a light pole…….

GoDaddy  8

Lots of re-bar, electrical conduit to bring in the power, and electrical conduit to “ground” the power. You can see the coil of copper wire at the bottom, and attached to the re-bar.

GoDaddy  5

I was not allowed on parts of the job site, as they were using a crane to lift the equipment to the roof. Large, heavy, equipment, so the area around the crane was off limits, and so was the roof. 🙁 I really like going up on the roof. Later on this week, I’ll be able to see all the changes that they made on the roof. 🙂 The number one concern on the job site is and always be ” S A F E T Y ”

GoDaddy  6

YES !!!!! I tagged this “cooler” or “air handler” with a giant GoDaddy sticker……… in post production.

GoDaddy  4

Fire proofing is almost done. This was shot from the 1st floor, he is on the second floor.

GoDaddy  3

Painting crews are trying to stay ahead of the other trades. Electricians, painters, plumbers, fire proofing, steel workers, air conditioning, insulation workers, window installers, door installers, fire sprinkler fitters, are all on site and really moving along. The framers, drywall teams, along with the people polishing the walkways. I’m sure there are more trades on site. There was a crew washing the external block walls with the small square windows. There are crews that are sweeping…. did I mention there are a lot of people working on the site to complete this project on time?

GoDaddy  2

This in an interesting area…….. a hole going from the second floor to the first….. not in the main lobby reception area, but behind that area ….. i n t e r e s t i n g …….  Over 1500 photographs from August 2013 – present can be seen here.
Canon 5D Mark II, EF17-40 F4 L lens, inside shots Canon Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted on camera for fill.

Sky Train – May 30, 2013

Sky Train

This image was shot May 30, 2011 while the Phoenix Sky Train station was under construction.

Ryan Messner – May 28, 2013

Ryan Messner

So early Saturday morning, OK scratch that! It is Ryan after all. Saturday 10:ish Ryan and I went out to the desert to go shooting. Mark and Tom wussed out, scratch that, had other appointments and could not make it. I brought my Ruger 9mm. This was the first day I shot MY gun. I had shot the Ruger before, when Mark owned it, but this was the first time shooting MY gun. Ryan brought too many weapons to count. Seriously! This is Ryan burning through a 10 round magazine in about 4 seconds with my Ruger. This a composite image made from 3 images showing all 10 spent shells flying through the air. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-50, F8, 105mm, 1/400 sec.

Happy Birthday Jeffery!!!! – May 26, 2013


All images shot with the Canon 30D in May or early June 2008. Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!!

Butterflies Mating – May 25, 2013

Butterflies Mating

Mating butterflies. Shot May 2005 in Tommy’s backyard. Olympus C750UZ. Lots of detail in the butterflies wings, legs, eyes, etc. This camera never dissapointed me.

Passion Flower – May 24, 2013

Passion Flower

Its a good idea to take your camera to Tommy’s backyard. Lots of stuff to shoot, people too. Shot Memorial Day, 2005 Olympus C750UZ, ISO-75, F2.8, 6mm, 1/30 sec.

Lake Powell – May 22, 2013

Lake Powell

Palm Valley Community Church is what we called our church in 2005, or PVCC for short. Since then we’ve dropped the “community” from our name. The mens group, or at least 6-8 of us went to Lake Powell for a week. October 5, 2005 at 7:49 am. Shot with the Olympus C750UZ at 9mm, ISO-50, F5.6, 1/100 sec.

Pastor Greg Rolinger – May 21, 2013

Greg Rolinger

I volunteer at Palm Valley Church on Saturday nights. I run one of 6 video cameras. This past weekend, I ended up working Saturday night, and all 3 services on Sunday. THis was the last of the series “Beautiful” and Greg looked like he was feeling good. He was up and pacing for most of all 4 services. Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-400, EF 70-200 L F2.8 IS lens at 200mm, 1/200 sec, at F2.8 using ambiant light, and hand held.

Bible Verse – May 19, 2013


Palm Valley Church purchased a building in a strip mall that used to be a furnature store. Before we remodeled the building, members of the church were encouraged to sign the floor. Many people put bible verses, or quotes, or prayers on the floor. This verse is not written in english. Taken  November 15, 2009.

DLP TV – May 17, 2013


OK – I posted this picture before. The rub – the DLP chip or Light Engine has gone out on this TV. $600 -$800 repair. ….. or you can order the part $100 – $150 and watch youtube to figure out how to install the chip.

Light Engine 1

Complete Light Engine out of the Mitsubishi WD-65734

Light Engine 2

The cover with the fan removed, the heat sink with all of the dust is covering the DLP chip.

Light Engine 3

Reassembled – new chip installed and dust blown away.

DLP Chip front with mirrors

This is the front of the DLP chip, you can see some of the 2,073,600 individual mirrors inbetween the red and yellow reflections. When these mirrors no longer move, you get the spots on the picture. That reflective pattern from the strobe is very much like the pattern of the spots on the TV’s before picture. Note this is the bad chip…….. hmmmmmm  How do I know there is 2,073,600 individual mirrors on this chip? The resolution is 1920 x 1080 – or 1080P . Multiply the 2 numbers together. That is also the exact number of pixels on an LCD, LED, or the number of cells on a 1080P Plasma.

DLP Chip back with pins

The back of the DLP chip?  You can see the pins that attach to the “mother board” within the Light Engine. This is the side of the chip that the heat sink covers. The DLP chip mounts to the motherboard, and there is a rectangle hole it the motherboard that the heat sink can recess into to draw heat away from the chip.


Approx 1 to 1-1/2 hours, and its all better.


All shot with the Canon 5D Mark II.

Giant Sunflowers II – May 16, 2013

Side Yard New

What a difference a year can make. The side yard is complete, plants, (including sunflowers) are planted and growing. Jazmin has planted a second batch of sunflowers that should mature in 20-30 days. Some of the little guys are in the circular planter , at the edge. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-100, F8, 24mm, 1/80 sec, with the Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted for fill.

Giant Sunflower – May 15, 2013


So this is one of the sunflowers in the previous post, about 1 week later. You can see all of the polen on the sunflowers leaf. I know, its another flower, and another bee. Might as well post this picture, rather than one where there is no bee, or fly, or other bug. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-50, F4, 200mm, 1/640 sec. I wanted to blow out the background, which meant shooting at a low f stop, (F4) which allows in a lot of light, hence the extremely fast shutter speed, the low ISO helps as well.

Giant Sunflowers – May 14, 2013


So…. This is what my side yard looked like last year. Lots of bare areas where the grass would not grow. Jazmin planted and raised these giant sunflowers. It was amazing to watch them grow, then bloom, and follow the sun each and every day. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-50, F8, 40mm, 1/80 sec. Shot from the kitchen window.

Guinness – May 13, 2013


Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing after a long drive with an old friend, and a couple of new friends, with an ice cold beer. This is in an Irish Pub on Whisky Row, in Prescott, Az. The Guiness was mine. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-400, F4, EF24-105 F4 L IS, at 105mm, 1/100 sec, natural light, from the window to the right. The new glass is tack sharp, and I’m loving it.

Mothers Day – May 12, 2013


Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms. Rosalie is my mother in law, and my beautiful wife Sheri Lynn’s mother. They are very close, across the street and over one house, and talk on the phone several times a day. Its great living so close, and having a big extended family that all live close, greater Phoenix area).

Family Traditions – May 11, 2013


Christmas 2011. Back row left to right: Tom, Tom Sr., Rosalei, Sheri, Mark, front row: Jeff, holding last years picture taken at another location.


History repeats itself! Christmas 2012.

OK, heres the scoop with shooting family. Take lots of pictures! There are 3 or 4 other people by me with cameras, so I normally have to photoshop a head, or eyes, or a smile from one person into the best of 3-4 images. Canon 5D Mark II, 40mm, F8, ISO-100, 1/80 sec, 580 EX II camera mounted for flash fill

Big Sticks – May 10, 2013

Big Sticks

Big Sticks is a cigar shop. David and I were browsing, waiting for Josiah to show up after work. The owner asked me if I had taken any pictures, once he came into the walk in humidor. Not yet was my answer. Go ahead, feel free he said. So I did. This is one of many pictures I took. David, Josiah and I had a cigar and a beer after work. It was good to see Josiah, and catch up. Canon 5D Mark II, ISO-100, F8, 40mm, 1/60 sec, 580 EX II camera mounted.

cake pops – May 9, 2013

cake pops

So on Mothers Day 2012 Jazmin made stuffed chocolate dipped strawberrys, and drizzled chocolate covered cake pops. I remember the strawberrys being very tasty, but the cake pops were a little taste of heaven. Amazing! Words cannot describe how good they were. Yum! Canon 30D, ISO-100, F8,  24mm, 1/80 sec, Canon Speedlight 258 EX II camera mounted / bounced off the ceiling for flash fill.