Photo a Day Challenge


White Tank Mountains – color and B&W

IMG_9360 IMG_9360-2

On Sunday we hiked a new trail (to us) in the White Tank Mountains, this is a couple of the images I shot, knowing I really wanted to process for black and white. Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 IS L lens.

IMG_9377 IMG_9377-2

IMG_9398 IMG_9382

On the 2 above images I’m showing just color, or just Black & White.


Roof Topping Off Party – February 28th 2014

GoDaddy 19

Its nice to be invited back onto the jobsite again. This is the “Roof Topping Off” event. I was able to walk around the jobsite and take pictures. Things are really moving along now.

GoDaddy 20

Lots of construction workers on the job. As always SAFETY is always a big factor, as I put on a bright orange vest and hard hat.

GoDaddy 21

Yes! I added the Go Daddy sticker in post. You can see the steel through the windows. Part of the design of the building must be to have the square knock outs above the windows, or thats where the steel awnings will be attached.

GoDaddy 22

I was being artistic, call it photograpic license.

GoDaddy 23

This view is through the other side, right by where the cafe will be. I’ve now seen the artists renderings of the inside of the building…. I’m sworn to secrecy. It will dazzel and amaze you. I can’t wait to try out the great big ______! And to also try out the ______ _____!

GoDaddy 24

This is the main entrance.

GoDaddy 25

As normal, all images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 L lens, the Speedlight 580 EX II camera mounted for flash fill, and most of the inside photographs. I took approx 250 pictures on Friday. I’ll post more over the next couple of days. All images can be seen here.

Signing Steel – February 19, 2014

GoDaddy 08

Blake signing the 2500 pound steel girder that will hold up the roof just inside the main loby of GoDaddy’s new Tempe call center.

GoDaddy 12

Blake signing the ceremonial plack.

GoDaddy 09

Auguste signing the 2500 pound steel girder that will hold up the roof just inside the main loby of GoDaddy’s new Tempe call center.

GoDaddy 13

Auguste signing the ceremonial plack.

GoDaddy 10

Calvin signing the 2500 pound steel girder that will hold up the roof just inside the main loby of GoDaddy’s new Tempe call center.

GoDaddy 14

Calvin signing the ceremonial plack.

GoDaddy 15

From left to right Chuck Nixon, Mark Beal, Vince Morrow, Ramon Martinez, Gonzo Gonzalez, Tanya Simpson, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Arne Josefsberg, Auguste Goldman, Blake Irving, Cameron Scott, Michelle Goodlive, Mike Zimmerman, Calvin Crowder, Molly Carson, Cindy Olsen, Ryan, Rene LeBlanc. The entire group getting a tour of the new Tempe Call Center. Where everyone is standing is on the second floor, at the edge of the first third of the building.

GoDaddy 16

Vince, Blake, and Auguste standing in the cafe area, looking back twards the north end of the building.

GoDaddy 17

Lots of steel work going on. The tour was timed for the workers to be on lunch, so the jobsite was very quiet. I’m amazed at how much has been done since last time I was on site.

GoDaddy 18

Lunch was provided, and the food was excellent. Vince did a great job of keeping this big of a group safe, while giving us an informative tour. While we were there,  concrete was being poured, steel was being put into place, lots of sub contractors were on site getting work done. All images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 L lens, some flash fill was used, Canon 580EX II Speedlight, camera mounted. I have lots more pictures to post…… will try to get them processed tomorrow…  ALL OF THE IMAGES I’VE SHOT SO FAR ARE HERE!


GoDaddy’s New Tempe Call Center – February 15, 2014

GoDaddy 05

More infrastructure. PVC pipe for electricial, or data ?? This area is closest to the 101 access road, and Warner.

GoDaddy 03

Lots of steel on the ground, and within the building. There is a crane inside to help lift the steel in place. This is the southwest corner of the jobsite. Warner and South River Parkway. Yes I added the moon.

GoDaddy Aerial

LOL – This image is on GoogleMaps right now.

GoDaddy 07

This image was shot from the north west area of the jobsite. Notice window frames are in place in the north end of the building.

GoDaddy 06

This image is by the job trailer. The north east end of the job site. Window frames in some of the window openings, and you can see that the steel is starting to march into the last 3rd of the building.

GoDaddy 04

This trailer just relocated from the north east corner of the jobsite, up against the 101 access road, to being up against the fence line along Warner. I “tagged” the Ryan trailer with the Go Daddy Dude!!, and it is getting cleser to “Go Time!”


Happy Valentines Day – February 14th, 2014


Bad Moon Rising….? – February 10, 2014

GoDaddy 01
Bad moon rising?…… a little photoshop work here. The moon was out, even in the same place, but I shot it with the 70-200 and then added it back in to the picture, but at about 3 times its real size. I shot another  40 or so pictures of the jobsite – all are here.
GoDaddy 02

So the smaller picture in the center was shot January 11, 2014. Top left image was shot January 18th. Top right image was shot January 25th. Bottom left image shot February 1st. Bottom right photo was taken February 7th. The building is changing daily now. I’m amazed at how much is changing every time I go by the construction site.

St Thomas Aquinas Church – February 1, 2014

St Thomas

After church Saturday night, on my way home, the last light from the suns rays were lighting up St Th0mas Aquinas Church. I had my Canon 5D Mark II, my tripod, and my EF 17-40 F4 L lens. This was shot at 17mm, ISO-200, 6 second exposure at F8.

St Thomas Aquinas Church

Just another bee, on another flower – February 28, 2013


OK, OK, OK! So its another bee, on another flower. What the heck? This image is from February 28, 2006. What a difference 1 year can make. This is shot with the Canon Digital Rebel, (DSLR) with a “kit” lens, but with so much more control. The second image is a 100% crop of the top image. ISO-100, F5.6, 1/800 sec, 55mm. This image was shot in jpeg, only a few that were not shot in RAW.


Cactus Flower – February 27, 2013

Inside the Flower

Inside the Flower 2

I’ve been sick for about 1 week, so I’m making up for some of the images I was not able to post in a timely manner.

So cactus get these incredible flowers on them, usually in late  March. They bloom, and close and die in a span of several hours to 1 day. They are incredible beautiful.  They attract insects, and can smell really good, or really bad. Some use fly’s to pollinate, and they will smell like dead or rotting meat, or worse. Again visiting 2005, which means the Olympus C750UZ, ISO-50, F3.2, 1/80 sec,  6mm focal length, in Macro mode.


Macro – February 26, 2013

Bee Macro

I’ve been sick for about 1 week, so I’m making up for some of the images I was not able to post in a timely manner.

So this is a bee with its legs loaded with pollen. Taken on my orange tree in my backyard. Shot February 26, 2005 with the Olympus C750UZ in “Macro” mode. ISO-100, F8, 1/200th sec. Focal length is 6mm.

Macro – February 25, 2013

Cactus Macro

I’ve been sick for about 1 week, so I’m making up for some of the images I was not able to post in a timely manner.

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. By some definitions, a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the negative or image sensor is life size or greater. However in other uses it refers to a finished photograph of a subject at greater than life size. Definition courtesy of Wikipedia.

Shot February 25, 2005 with the Olympus C750UZ in “Macro” mode. ISO-100, F2.8, 1/40th sec. Focal length is 6mm. The “f” stop of F2.8 is the reason some areas of the image are tack sharp, while other areas are blurry. The original images made with this 5.0 Megapixel camera still amaze me at their quality. The detail and color rendition is spot on.

Same Building – February 24, 2013

Same Building

I’ve been sick for about 1 week, so I’m making up for some of the images I was not able to post in a timely manner.

OK. Its really not cheating. This is the same building from the 22nd, and the 23rd. Its also a self portrait, of sorts. I love to see my shadow in my pictures. I could have cropped it out, but that would have required more time than I was willing to spend tonight. Olympus C750UZ, ISO-100, F5.6, 6mm, 1/650 sec. shutter speed.

New Roof? – February 23, 2013

New Roof

I’ve been sick for about 1 week, so I’m making up for some of the images I was not able to post in a timely manner.

So this image goes with REZNOR. How? you might ask. I’ll tell you how. This is the roof of the building in yesterdays post. I love the texture of the weather beaten wood, and the rusty nail sticking out of it. Olympus C750UZ, ISO-100, F6.3, 6mm focal length, 1/320 sec.

REZNOR – February 22, 2013


I’ve been sick for about 1 week, so I’m making up for some of the images I was not able to post in a timely manner.

REZNOR. This is a gas heater used to keep workers warm while “milking” cows, or ????? I’m not sure what this room was used for, but I don’t believe it was a slaughterhouse. I like taking pictures of old abandoned buildings. I’m sure its been 10-20 years since its been useful. It was gone within a month or two of me taking this picture. Original photo date February 22, 2005, about 5:30 PM. Shot with my Olympus C750UZ, ISO-100, F,5, 6mm, 1/60 sec.

Tempe Town Lake – February 21, 2013


Tempe Town Lake, is a man made lake using the river bottom. There are rubber inflatable bladders that form the dams on both ends. Its a nice lake close to ASU’s main campus. Josiah and I walked around taking pictures. This image was shot one year ago today. It was hot. This one was treated to HDR processing, and the contrast and saturation were boosted to make the image “pop”. Canon 30D, EF 17-40mm L lens at 17mm, ISO-100, F8, 1/200 sec.

Its Me! – February 20, 2013


OK. Another photograph I did not take. Jazmin assisted me on this “Trash The Dress” photo shoot. Melody is the bride, and her husband Bear is standing off to the side. These were some of the funnest pictures I’ve ever shot. The day was super hot. 113 degrees. Both Bear and Melody were troopers. The effort really paid off. This is still one of the most visited galleries on my website. I’m the guy in the Hawaiian shirt, sweating his tail off. Shot with my Canon Rebel  EF 28-135 IS lens, ant 28mm, ISO -100, F9, 1/200 sec.

Three Butterflies – February 19, 2013

Three Butterflys

This Picture is from August 2010. Jazmin and I went for a drive along the rim road while we were up at the cabin. We turned the corner, and there were hundreds of wild flowers, and hundreds of butterflies. We both got out of the Pilot and took pictures. Jaz was able to get several to land on her hand. This was captured using the Canon 30D, EF 17-40mm L lens, at 40mm, F7.1, ISO-400, at 1/160 sec. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and get cold, I thought this might brighten up someones day.

Billy Starr – February 18, 2013


This is my friend Billy Starr. BJ to most people. I met BJ when I was working at Fry’s Electronics. We had lots of common interests. Computers, electronics in general, technology in general, science fiction, old muscle cars. You get the idea. Photography was the icing on the cake. Billy and I have spent many hours shooting, critiquing, and in general talking about photography, photography equipment, you get the idea. Billy also is a Canon shooter, which makes it nice when one of us needs to borrow equipment for a shoot. Billy is having some health issues, and so now we spend more time talking about life. Billy knows I pray for his health each and every day.

Canon 30D, ISO-400, 17-40mm L glass at 40mm,  F8, 1/1600 sec, 580 EX strobe on camera with High Speed Sync enabled. Shot right outside of BJ’s front door.

Word Processor – February 17, 2013

Mercedes Prima typewriter circa 1930

Mercedes Prima typewriter circa 1930

My boss told me he was looking at homes out in Verado. We went out and looked at some of the models. So here is a photograph of a very old word processor. Typewriter. No spell check. You start over. This was in one of the model homes and I like the way it looked. I had no idea it was so old. I had the Canon Rebel XT, so I enabled the pop-up flash and took this picture. ISO-100, F4, 1/160 sec.

My Dad – February 16, 2013


OK. I admit it. I did not take this photograph. I did some slight restoration, though. Let me introduce you to my dad. James Larkin Pattison Jr. I am the third. This may be the only photograph I own of my father, a man I really never new. My parents divorced when I was 5, maybe. I’m told that I saw him 2-3 times, strike that. I’m told that he came to see me 2-3 times over the next 4-5 years, but I really don’t remember. I’m told he was angry with me the last time he came to visit, and grabbed an oleander switch, and beat me with it across the back of my legs, until I had bright red welts, and could not stand any longer. As an adult, I never knew my dad. I remember getting a phone call, letting me know he had passed away. I did not think I cared. I did. The opportunity to ever know him, or have a relationship with him was gone. At least in this life.

This post is dedicated to Billy Starr Senior, who by all counts was a good man, a good husband, and a good father. I attended a viewing this evening, to support his son, my friend BJ, and his sisters Jerita, and Deborah. I never got a chance to really know Billy Sr. I met him lots of times, but dementia, and Alzheimer’s took him away from his family a long time ago. Evidence of his stature, and his goodness, is his children, and grandchildren, and how they conduct themselves, with integrity.  I’m a better person for knowing them, and spending time with them. Thank you BJ for allowing me to be a small part of your life.

Randy Fletcher – February 15, 2013

Randy Fletcher

Randy Fletcher

So this is my friend Randy Fletcher. We met while working at Fry’s Electronics, and were both very interested in photography. Randy went over to the dark side. Nikon. Need I say more? The accolade I give Randy when he’s taken a picture, that I wish I had taken is: “The only way that image could be better, is if it was taken with a Canon”! We both are now working in different areas with different schedules, but we do still make time to go out and shoot. This image was shot February 15, 2009 at 6:38 PM, in the golden hour. Canon 30D ISO-200, EF 28-135 IS lens at 44mm, F5, 1/100 sec, with my 580 EX speed light camera mounted. I exposed for the ambient light, and the strobe flash filled Randy.

My Valentine – February 14, 2013


This is my very beautiful wife Sheri Lynn. She is my Valentine. She is my only Valentine. She has been my Valentine for 26 plus years. We had known each other for more than 15 years when we got married. June we will celebrate 25 years of marriage. I thank God every day for bringing Sheri Lynn into my life. In so many ways she completes me. She puts up with me, which is saying quite a bit. Sheri Lynn Happy Valentines Day, I Love You and cant wait to see you tonight.

Burning Down The House – February 13, 2013

Burned house

I saw smoke from the freeway. I could smell it coming in through the air conditioning vents. Late in the month of July 2005. I always wonder what is burning, whats the story behind the fire. Unless you happen to catch some answers on the evening news, you may never know. August 5th 2005, I went looking to see what had burned. This is a very old house. The funny thing is, it is already starting to be rebuilt. Even funnier, its now 2013, and its never been finished. This image is shot with the Olympus C750UZ ISO-50, 8mm, F3.2,  1/800 sec.

View from Above – February 12, 2013

road ahead

This was shot on our way to the cabin. We are on the same road, just way higher up.  Whenever I see this image I feel like it could have been shot from a plane. I love the shadows from the clouds, they add depth to the rolling hills. Shot through the windshield at 70 mph. Olympus C750UZ, ISO-50, 63mm, 1/650 sec, and f3.7.