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Cardinals Stadium – August 8, 2013

Cardinals Stadium 1

This is the Cardinals stadium. In theory its modeled after a cactus. Arizona……. makes sense.

Cardinals Stadium

This area in between is like the “ribs” of a cactus.

Cardinals Stadium 2

The roof opens, but the field rolls ourside to get sun, water, fertilizer, and mowed. Above images were shot with either the Canon Rebel, or my 30D.

My neighbor in 2004-2005 Rico Petrokowski was a pilot trainer for Luke Air Force Base. NO was the answer, almost before I asked the question. I could be put on a waiting list, but would probably not be allowed to fly in a military fighter plane. Rico had great stories about being a pilot, and I envied him his career choice. Rico and several other pilots “shared” a Cessna 172. Payments, fuel, hanger, insurance, etc. Each owned a “share”. I understand this is very common. It was a 1966 model with a lot of “miles” on it. On airplanes its logged as “hours”. Maintenance on a plane is scheduled around how many hours the plane has on it. This is not like a car, where you can ignore the “check engine” light, or go 7-10 thousand miles before you get the oil changed. Planes have logs which is a history of the hours, and the maintenance. Every so many hours, the engine has to be re-built. It was a very fun sight seeing trip. My other neighbor Glen Simmons was the other passenger. Glen got to check out the “air bags” in the plane. Shortly after this trip, Rico got stationed in Washington. We also flew over our homes, and I have some neat pictures of the neighborhood from this trip as well. This is one of my two favorite pictures of the Arizona Cardinals Stadium. Taken 4/24/2005 with my C750UZ Olympus, ISO-50, F4, 1/800 sec, 21mm.

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