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Building Update – May 29, 2014


So when I arrived on the site today, I noticed increased activity from almost all of the trades. Lots of stuff getting done. 13 weeks from now GoDaddy will take possession of the new building. This area is almost completely done, as far as exterior paint. All of the photographs I’ve taken so far of the project can be seen  here.


The painters are taking the plastic off the windows, where the painting is done. The building looks really sharp.


Lots of “dirt” work going on. Looks like they are getting the dirt ready for the finished product, paving, and landscaping areas. Parking lot, and etc.



Tonka trucks working moving, and grading the dirt.


With the cloud cover, the roof was not really hot. Lots of progress on the roof, as far as getting the air handling vents connected to the blowers.


All of the crews seemed to have more workers than last week.


This area will lead into the gym area.


Same area, but shot from inside on the second floor. The framing is going in for the windows. Same type of progress is happening at the main entrance as well.


These are the windows in the cafe area, directly above where the big doors/windows will be.


Lots of areas on both floors had high populations of workers.


Lots of new framing for walls sprung up since last week. Curved hall areas are present throughout the building.


The drywall workers are getting lots done.


More new “huddle” areas going up.


Interior, and exterior walls are getting insulated.


Electrical boxes / rooms are starting to take shape.


Electrical rooms are duplicated for each phase.


This is the pump room for the chilled water that will cool the building.


OK, I let you know that there were a lot of workers on site today. I saw ladders everywhere.


Some of the workers on lunch, relaxing against the side of the building in the shade. This is my favorite photo from today. As always, all images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 L lens, and some of the interior images have flash fill provided by the Canon Speedlight 580 EX II. All of the photographs I’ve taken so far of the project can be seen here.


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