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Blow – Out – August 14, 2014

Dropped off Scott & Pops at the car pool parking lot at 79th Ave & the I-10. Car was shaking at higher speeds. Pops and I looked at the tires, we knew it was a front end thing, but did not see anything. 5 miles to my house. I debated getting on the freeway, or taking surface streets. I took the freeway …… BLOWOUT!
IMG_7817 IMG_7818 IMG_7819
2 new tires, check. New windshield washer wiper hose, check. Lots of electricians tape, and zip ties, and silicone to put things back together, check. Massive blister from touching the wheel……….. check! The cars back together, with the exception of a new fender liner, which is ordered, and lots of scrubbing to remove tire from the paint.
Yep its OFFICIAL!!!! Our name is on the building, and its NEON!!!!

The basketball area is getting close to being finished.

Biggest 1 week improvements ….. The interior is really coming together, and looks A M A Z I N G !!!!!! This is going to be a trophy/showcase of a building.

Walnut. Its INCREDIBLE!!!!

I’ll post more tomorrow, or over the weekend, its 10pm, and I left home this morning at 5. Just finished the car repairs.

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