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BJ STARR – October 4, 2013

BJ Starr 5

February 2013 Jerita, Billy, and Deborah.

BJ Starr 3

Jennifer, Billy, and Joncie.

BJ Starr 4

Billy and Emil.

BJ Starr 2

Eric and Billy.

BJ Starr 1

Jim and Billy.

BJ Starr lost his battle with cancer on Friday October 4th 2013, at approx 6:10 PM. I sit here crying as I type this entry for my blog. I spent about an hour with BJ on Thursday, he was not very responsive, but when I left, he knew who I was, I let him know I would be by tomorrow after work, and that I was thinking about him, and praying for him. The very same way I ended my conversations, and visits for the last 3+ years since he found out he had cancer. Friday I spend about an hour or so with Billy, who was visably worse, and his breathing had become labored. I let him know I would see him on Saturday, he nodded his head. That was the only response I got from him. During my visit, Deborah came by, and honked when she got to her brothers house, because “I was in her parking spot”, a running joke between us. I was in the room with Billy, and witnessed a very special moment between Deborah and Billy. She cradled his head and told him ” I love you big brother. We’ve got it, you can relax and let go,… Mom and Daddy are waiting for you, and we’ll be along soon, Dont worry about anything, we’ve got it. Relax and let go.” I was choked up with emotion, and thought how beautiful. Deborah left to go to work. I called Jerita and let her know I was headed home and about Deborah and Billy’s moment. I assured her I would come by on Saturday….. Before I was even home, Michael, Billys room mate called me and let me know Billy had passed, I turned around and went. It was tough to drive and cry at the same time. I tried to be strong for Deborah, Jerita, and Joncie. Several friends and neighbors were there, as was his son Eric. We held hands and recited the 23rd psalm. I will miss you Billy Starr!


The above pictures were shot in February 2013 at the viewing for Billy, deborah, and Jerita’s Daddy.

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