Photo a Day Challenge

Baby Doll – July 31, 2013

rag doll

I had planed on uploading this image for July 1st, thinking that was the half way point of the year. I’ve been posting some videos and working on other projects, so this did not get posted….. yet  I’ve been thinking about this image quite a bit lately. I knew I had to get it posted today. Imagine my surprise to find out I took this image exactly 9 years ago today. This image was shot outside of a house that was being torn down. It invokes emotions! Women do not like this picture, especially if they once had a “rag” doll with the stuffed flexible body and plastic limbs and head. Its almost creepy. The sun had deteriorated this one, and it had clearly been abandoned. My wife hates this image. Shot July 31, 2004 5:05 PM on my way home from work. Olympus C750UZ. THis image was shot in “Tiff”. It was an 11.4 megabyte image from a 5.1 megapixel camera. It has survived the years well.

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