Photo a Day Challenge

Trash the Dress with Melody Weakland – January 8, 2013


This is an image I have used as my business card for the last couple of years. I asked Melody if she wanted to do a “Trash The Dress” session. The long and short answer was YES, but “I don’t want to use my dress”. Melody’s sister was able to provide a solution…… and Melody “borrowed” her sisters dress. This shot was taken July 27, 2008. It reached 113 degrees in Phoenix that day. Melody was wearing shorts and a halter top under the dress, and was able to remove the dress between locations, and shots to try to keep cool. Lots of fluids also helped. My daughter Jazmin, and Melody’s husband Bear helped with off camera lighting, and carrying gear from place, to place. The week before the shoot, I had scouted locations, but this field had not been cut and bailed. Sometimes you only have 1 chance to get the photograph of a lifetime. Shot with the Canon 30D, 17-85 EFS lens at 17mm, ISO-100, 1/125 sec, and F-22 is what allowed me to shoot directly into the sun, and create the “spot light” flare. Off camera strobes 2 each 580EX in light stands and triggered with the Canon ST-2E wireless trigger. If you look at the dress, you can see where the light falls off from the strobes. You can see the rest of the “Love The Dress” images HERE!

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