Photo a Day Challenge

3 weeks to go – August 7, 2014

I added a few pictures from today. I’ll upload more tonight, and post some comments as well. The site looks AMAZING!!!!! Its getting closer everyday.
There will be a “round a bout” in front of the building, this is the planter that’s going into the middle of it.

Corner of the building closest to Warner and the 101. The main power comes into this corner of the building, the kitchen, and the pump room for the A/C units are all on this end of the building.

Ceiling in the cafe. Its going to be an amazing space for us to eat in.

They poured the concrete around the “basketball/volleyball/hockey?” area today. I cant to see the “sails” installed over this area.

Main TV in the cafe. Its going to be a really B I G one.

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