Photo a Day Challenge

11 weeks till Go Time!!! – June 13, 2014

The job trailers have all moved from the North East corner to the South West corner of the job site.
I was able to get to the job site early this week, just after sunrise. Yes it was still hot. The workers on the roof tell me they are off the roof by 9 or 10 at the latest.

Lots of dirt work, getting ready for landscaping, paving/parking lot areas, and what is being referred to as “Phase III”.

This will be the “main” entrance into the building, leading into a reception area. I imagine this area will look completely different by next week.


I know you are not supposed to look at someone while they “arc weld”. I didn’t look! At least not for long. Lots of workers on site, and all of them rushing to keep on schedule.

This will be another entrance. You get a feel for what the main entrance area will look like once the glass is all in.

This is the wall of Phase II closest to the 101. The painter is exactly where the scaffolding stairs that led to the roof used to be.

Electricians pulling the main trunk wiring into the building and the main breaker boxes so it can get distributed throughout the building.

One of the small server rooms with “miles” of cabling going in.

My buddy Ben pulling wire from one of the main breaker rooms into the rest of the building.

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