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Camelback Mountain 4-22-2016

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Cropped from the above image. Chuckawalla. We named this one Zorro….. We passed him on the way up, and the way down.

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We missed you Zeke!!! We went much further up the mountain than 2 weeks ago. (10-20 feet anyway.) Scott and I had a blast. I took weights out of my pack, (lenses and extra water) and you carried an extra 5 pounds (dumb bell) just for the workout. I enjoyed the exercise and the views of the valley. The cold beverage afterwards was also mighty nice….. and always the company!
All images shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105 F4 L Lens.

French Doors


More to come……


Camelback small_HDR2

HDR shot from the back of Camelback Mtn with Scott and Zeke.


Mom’s final resting place

IMG_0545 IMG_0546




Green Acres in Scottsdale, AZ. Next to her sister and her parents.

Sarah Elizabeth Pattison 10/21/1936 – 2/6/2016 RIP

IMG_0538 IMG_0541

Sarah passed away peacefully in her sleep Saturday morning. The 4 of visited Thursday night and I wanted pictures of us. Mom was mostly unresponsive but did tell her brother over the phone that she loved him. When my wife and I left, we both told mom that we loved her, and she opened her eyes and looked at us and said I love you too. These were her last words. My younger sister Janey was with her when she passed.